I’ve been thinking lately about my complete lack of inclination to post to social media. There’s been some serious (good, exciting) personal changes for me in the past few months, which has turned down my inclination for making things due to lack of energy for it (which is primarily what I talk about online). So that’s part of it. I’ve never considered social media that important in my life, but it’s definitely become even less important.

The aforementioned inclination to make things has picked back up again in the past few weeks, which I’m really glad about because me not having my hands busy was somewhat disconcerting. But even with my energy levels back up, I just don’t have the… mental space, I guess, to post to social media. More explicitly, Instagram. It’s actually the only social media platform I actively use. But I find myself extremely uninterested in even looking at my phone, which has left text messages and calls unanswered (I maintain a land line and always tell people that’s where to actually get a hold of me).

What I do have more mental capacity for is long-form writing. I’ve missed it for a while, hence the creation of the blog again. The downside, however, is not staying caught up with what online friends and inspiring people are creating, because I do love to see the amazing things that people create. But on the other hand, it’s all so ephemeral, and scroll-click-scroll-click. Even if you don’t want to engage that way, you end up doing it because that is exactly how and what that platform is designed for. I’ve started looking at it more on my computer, which has helped, but that has its limitations.

Honestly I have no idea where I’m going with all of this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do miss the personal blog and RSS feeds and webrings and the like. There was an element to actual community to all that because, I think, you kind of had to work for it.