My new scanner arrived today, after waiting two extra days for delivery. Funny how we get so impatient, isn’t it? Or I do, because I was really excited to get it and start going through my photos again.

This picture is from the first roll that I scanned. I know it was taken with my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, because I very helpfully put that right on the negative sheet. I also know it was taken June 2007, with Kodak Tri-X 400 (which is, hands down, my favourite black and white film). I didn’t clean off the bed of the scanner first (again, impatient) so there’s some dust and hair if you look closely. But that’s okay.

I will say this scanner, even though it’s not exactly fast, is much faster than my old one which I had bought a very long time ago, in terms of computer equipment.

I also spent today shooting the last of 5 images in a Brownie Hawkeye that had a partial roll in it. When did I originally put that roll in? It had to be at least 10 years ago, but until I develop it I couldn’t possibly be more exact. I also don’t know if it’s my straight up Brownie, or if it’s the one with the lens reversed, because I (very unhelpfully) did not differentiate the two at all. It’ll be a fun surprise when that comes back.

Also: happy October. Let’s all get a little spooky.