I’m going to be honest, there’s nothing too overly spectacular about this shot. But what it is, is one of the (few and very small) windows I had in my basement suite when I lived in Vancouver many years ago. These windows were only about half a metre off the ground, so it was well and truly a basement suite. It was also in a very old house, which means it was drafty and kind of damp.

I also had such a bad wolf spider infestation one year that we had to call in the exterminator. Every morning I’d wake up and there would be hundreds of babies that had hatched overnight. One night a wolf spider crawled across my back, and it was so big it woke me up.

I got bit once, but oddly enough that was outside in my very small garden. It hurt, but didn’t do much else.

If you look closely you’ll see some pumpkin lights that I kept up all year round.

I felt that little story was quite appropriate for the month of October.