I don’t know what this website is.

At the risk of dating myself, I rather miss blogs. And webrings. And when people took the time to sit at their computer and think about what they were sharing, and what they were reading. I have a phone, and I have Instagram, but they’re cheap. Not financially obviously, smart phones are stupid expensive (so much so that it’s standard that you amortize the cost of it when you get a plan), and while Instagram I’m sure makes a whole lot of money, it’s so quick and easy to take a quick photo and write a few words that it’s an afterthought. People scroll through and look at your pictures and like, but how many actually read the text that accompanies it?

I’ve also been craving something more lately. I make a lot of stuff with my hands. I like making stuff, it makes me feel grounded. And I like making stuff with a use because bringing beauty and intention into every day objects is important.

But it’s not everything. Sometimes we need something to create without a use. I suppose that’s what this website is – it’s the hub of creating without use.

So, I’m not sure entirely what this website will be, or how it will form. I intend to use it as a photoblog, much like I had one 20 years ago (see, dating myself). But it might end up as more. Whatever it becomes, it’ll be about the place with no use.