This photo was taken with a Kodak Duaflex II, manufactured circa 1950. I had forgotten how much I liked this camera (technically these cameras, I have two), and how often I had used it.

I spent the last week or so actually cataloguing all my cameras and lenses, which I had never actually done. There’s several that I had literally never used (a very entry level Nikon I’m not even sure how I got), one that I know I’ll be getting rid of because I’m just not interested in it, and a few I have to do more research with how to get working again (mostly due to battery types being no longer manufactured).

It’s fun going through all of them again – I have a total of 32 different cameras, which is more than I thought I had. Some don’t work at all and are just for show, some you can’t get film for, some I’m still figuring out how to get working again. I think what I’ll do next is push myself to use those ones I haven’t used before, should be an interesting little project.