As if my words in my last post were prophetic, it started snowing yesterday, and I woke up today to a few inches of snow on the ground. With more to come. The roads are going to be hell, so I really feel sorry for people who have to drive to work today.

You’d think living in a city with snow from November to March (sometimes April), people would remember how to drive in said snow. And they would have gotten their snow tires on weeks before. You’d be wrong. The first major snowfall is always terrible, not only because the roads are rough but because people don’t seem to remember that you have to drive below the speed limit, and leave a lot of room between you and the other car. Guessing how many accidents there are the day after a big snowfall is a bit of a game in my house.

Yes, I am literally complaining about bad drivers on my blog.

I’m selfishly glad today that I don’t have to travel anywhere though, and I can sit inside, watching the snow blow on by, while I have a nice hot drink (currently coffee, I’ll likely try a peppermint tea this afternoon, and then go crazy with a peppermint hot chocolate). Despite my aversion to snow and cold, a fresh snow is a lovely sight, even if I do admit it grudgingly.

This photo is a continuation of the one posted last time. In the spirit of the first snow storm I will publish these over the next several days. I’m glad to say that we are not forecast to this much snow within the next 24 hours.