I feel myself particularly pumped for Christmas this year. I’m not sure why.

I’m not one of those people that hates Christmas, or is even ambivalent towards it. I like Christmas a lot, but I normally wait until a reasonable time to start getting ready for it (early December). This year though we’ve had our outside lights lit up for at least a week, and I’ve slowly started putting out a few decorations just here and there.

Maybe that’s why I’m digging these snowy pictures so much right now too – not much says Christmas more than fresh snow.

I’ve often wondered how weird it would be to experience Christmas in the tropics of the Southern Hemisphere. It’s warm, it’s summer, things are in bloom and the whole world doesn’t feel asleep. It must be equally weird to think about a Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere if you’re not used to snow and winter.

Christmas is about warm, spicy drinks and big hot meals. How can that be comfortable if it’s 30C outside? Do they have some iced tea and a BBQ instead? The idea of a warm breeze coming through the open windows to rattle the decorations on your Christmas tree is insanely foreign to me.