I would love to have a higher resolution scan of this photo (and a few others). This was taken with a Polaroid Colorpack 80 camera, likely around 2003-2005. This is definitely sunset on a beach in Vancouver, although which one I couldn’t tell you.

Unfortunately these little colorpack images are MIA – so many moves over the years, and they don’t appear to be with my photography stuff (prints, negatives, contact prints, whathaveyou).

I hope some day I’ll find them, safely stashed away. All I have right now is this somewhat low-res not great scan.

I’m waiting for a new film scanner to come. My old one kicked the bucket a few years ago and is just getting replaced now, as I took a rather long hiatus from my film. I’m so looking forward to going through the thousands of film shots I have and revisiting them. Memory is an amazing thing, and I can so clearly remember being there to take these shots, even if I can’t remember the details about how I got there, or even what year it was.

This blog will be a somewhat exercise in that memory, while also breaking out my cameras and taking new shots. I’m excited to navigate through this medium again. The medium that I learned on, and the medium that feels like an extension of me. Sometimes I wonder why I took the extended break I did – not that it matters too much, because I did and that time is gone. But most importantly I’m thrilled to be back at it.