I haven’t published another post since my last one because I actually really liked my last post, and I kinda didn’t want to bump it away from the main page. I also started a new blog so I spent some time getting that together (because it takes me a million years to get anything together).

So I thought it’d be appropriate to post another photo, oddly from the same angle, of the same building that features in so many old 90s filmed-in-Vancouver sci-fi shows. My husband also let me know out of the blue that he wanted to give The X-Files another try (30 years later) and I absolutely jumped on the chance, so we spent New Years Eve watching The X-Files with the toddler slumbering peacefully upstairs.

I was asleep by 11:30 because she wakes me up early.

Was a pretty good night for me.

Bring on 2024.

(This photo was taken with my Colorpak 80, which is my favourite polaroid camera, and I lament not having film for it every day).